Our Company Projects….

You may have noticed that we never share our clients’ photos on our website or social media platforms, but did you also notice that there are three distinct themes in the photos we choose to share?

Our company has three ongoing photography projects, “GI Joe World”, “Through Your Eyes” and “Nature’s Beauty”.  Each project allows us to explore a different element of photography and continue to learn our craft.  We’ll be sharing more about each project in subsequent posts, but for now we’d like to share WHY we have decided to break the typical photography business page model.

Our company projects are more than just a study into photography for us, but also our little way of making the world a brighter place.  We attach a quote to many of our photos to add yet another layer of empowerment.  Often we quote individuals who have inspirational stories themselves, although we do enjoy anonymous quotes that are thought provoking.  Sometimes words are not enough and we simply leave you with the image we’ve created, allowing you to perceive it the way your heart desires.  In the end we are hoping that you find inspiration, motivation and empowerment from our weekly posts.

With that being said, do you have a favorite quote or saying?  We’re always on the look out for new ones and would be delighted to hear your favorites!

And once again, thank you!!  Life is truly what you make of it, and it is certainly amazing ❤

Team Timm Photography



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