GI Joe World

The first company project that we’d like to introduce you to has been affectionately dubbed “GI Joe World” .  The whole project is about perspective; learning to get down and see how BIG the little things truly are.

GI Joes are always on the scene together- adventuring, exploring, and overcoming obstacles.  Sometimes they are scaling a mountain, or free hanging high in the sky, or just putting those amazing teamwork skills into action.  Okay, okay, you got us….we like to play with toys!

It’s not all about fun and games though.  Our Joe’s help us to hone our skills in many areas.  They are great for challenging our focus with depth of field, lighting, and composition.  We especially love playing with forced perspective when photographing the GI Joe World project.

We’re excited to see what adventures this team is going to take us on in the future.  Perhaps they’ll ride some dinosaurs into battle against ninjas, or help an elf on the shelf at Christmas time.  The possibilities are endless!!

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