Through Your Eyes

If you’ve been following us you may recall that our company has three ongoing projects.  The first of which was GI Joe World.   Today we’d like to officially introduce you to our second company project, “Through Your Eyes”.  This particular project is about capturing the moments that define childhood and transcend time.

Children engage the world with a unique wonderment and awe.  They inspire us, as parents, to become better people.  They see things in a brighter light, making the world itself a brighter place.  Kid’s can turn anything into a toy or a game.  “Through Your Eyes” is about seeing the world through this lens and capturing these universal moments.

On a more technical side, “Through Your Eye’s” gives us the opportunity to explore and develop our skills.  It started as a personal project, and has evolved into a study of child portraiture, technique, and post production. Particular interest is given to lighting, movement, and editing in this series.

Lighting and movement are constantly changing when photographing a child.  This presents us, as photographers, with exciting new challenges!  No two sessions will ever be the same.  Lighting direction, strength, temperature and type all play vital roles in the finished photo.  The movement of a child on the go requires us to plan ahead, to position ourselves in the right spot to capture that fleeting moment.  After the photo session we have a great opportunity to perfect a photo with editing.  Editing styles are a dime a dozen, and with so many options to choose from we’ll always be learning and perfecting our skills.

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